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  • Can you beat the market?


    Do you feel that you can time the market?  This game let’s you try without anything to lose (or gain).  It can be found on the Quartz website. This game will show you just how foolish it is to sell…Continue Reading

  • The year that was – 2015


    Here is an article presented by Fidelity Investments recapping the markets in Canada and other regions around the globe.  It looks like Canada’s TSX was the poorest performer among the G7 countries. It is important to remember in times like…Continue Reading

  • TFSA contribution limit reduced


    The TFSA contribution limit has been reduced to $5500 per year starting Jan 1, 2016. This article by Peter Wouters (Director, Tax Retirement & Estate Planning Services, Wealth) of Empire Life explains the changes.  If you have any questions about…Continue Reading

  • Drawbacks to gifting and joint accounts


    I had some great questions about gifting and joint accounts at an Estate Planning seminar I held earlier this week. This article address some of the concerns surrounding giving gifts. If you need any more information, please feel free to…Continue Reading

  • Tips for volatility


    With the recent volatility of the markets, it is important to remember that, historically, the markets go up more than they go down, as illustrated by the graph “Up vs Down Markets” from Fidelity Investments. It is also important to…Continue Reading

  • TFSA vs RRSP


    One of the most common questions that we get asked is “Is it better to have a TFSA or an RRSP?”  Like most questions in life, the answer depends on your situation.  This comparison from Dynamic Funds lists some of…Continue Reading

  • Universal Child Care Benefit Payments


    Universal Child Care Benefits If you have children, on Monday July 20, you were probably a little bit richer thanks to Canada’s new Universal Child Care Benefits.  Before you spend it all on your vacation, however, please read the paper…Continue Reading

  • Volatility as opportunity


    This is an excellent article from Edgepoint Wealth Management ( that explains the difference between volatility and risk, two concepts that are often viewed as interchangeable.  Edgepoint states that the volatility of a company’s stock price should not necessarily be…Continue Reading

  • Ontario Executors Face New Probate Filing Rules


    On January 1, 2015, important changes to Ontario’s probate process were made. This document from Mackenzie Financial outlines the changes and their impact. I encourage you to read if you or anyone you know is or will be an Executor…Continue Reading

  • 40 Years of Investment History


    Over the years, despite ups and downs and all the political and global issues, those who have invested and stuck to their investment, have profited from the markets. All it takes is a little discipline and perseverance. Focus on the…Continue Reading