The year that was – 2015

Here is an article presented by Fidelity Investments recapping the markets in Canada and other regions around the globe.  It looks like Canada’s TSX was the poorest performer among the G7 countries.

It is important to remember in times like these that the markets go up more than they go down (see my blog entries from March 25 & Oct 27, 2015).  Neither down markets nor up markets last forever.

Ultimately, despite all the predictions for 2016, we can’t know what the markets have in store for us in 2016 and we will have no control over them.  What we can and should control, however, is the way we approach and react to the markets (both up & down) – by being rational and systematic.

As always, any questions you may have are welcome.

Have a great 2016!


2015 Year in Review