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  • Q2 2023 summary – interest rates, inflation, and the markets


    This post, I thought I would try something a little different and provide a summary of the second quarter.  Enjoy! Q2 was a second successive strong quarter for investors as stocks continued their promising 2023 recovery and bond yields stabilized…Continue Reading

  • Have we learned anything in 111 years?


    A lot of interesting stuff comes through my inbox everyday, aside from the client and business communications.  Most of this stuff can be swept aside and ignored.  There are times, however, when I can’t help but stop and take a…Continue Reading

  • Be prepared


    I was a boy scout when I was younger.  The motto of the boy scouts, when I was a member at least, was “be prepared”.  In theory, it meant that no matter what happened, you would be ready for it. …Continue Reading

  • Play your part, we have you covered


    No matter the age of life you are in, your financial plan should be your boon companion and echo your place upon the stage, helping you with your life goals, for your lifetime. Looking for your cue?  Lifetime Financial Services…Continue Reading

  • An easy way to protect your family


    Over the course of this year, I have talked about the importance of being prepared for those moments in life that no one wants to experience.  Those moments that can put enormous stress on us, our families, and our businesses….Continue Reading

  • Surprise is for the unprepared


    “Strangeness adds to the weight of calamities, and every mortal feels the greater pain as a result of that which also brings surprise. Therefore, nothing ought to be unexpected by us. Our minds should be sent forward in advance to…Continue Reading

  • Life does not care what we would rather be doing


    In June I asked, “Can you afford to get sick?”.  I encouraged you to look at your present situation and see how your family and you would be able to financially respond to a medical emergency.  That article also had…Continue Reading

  • Segregated funds and mutual funds: what are the differences?


    I frequently get asked about the difference between segregated funds and mutual funds.  In fact, some people have never heard of segregated funds.  One reason for that may be that there are significantly more mutual funds available in Canada than…Continue Reading

  • Can you afford to get sick?


    If I had to pick a couple of positive points that have come out of this pandemic, it would be that many people have a greater sense of what is important in life and how important good health is. The…Continue Reading

  • Mental health and how to help


    In the past I have written about the impact of finances on our mental health. Our financial situation can often make a mental health issue worse. This is not entirely surprising as many financial challenges can coincide with difficult personal…Continue Reading