At Lifetime Financial, we believe in financial literacy and over the years we have given courses at various companies and universities in the area. Please see below for our current selection of financial topics. We are available to give presentations to groups, such as employees, churches, and social clubs, and to individuals and families.

Financial Literacy for young adults

Investment Essentials

Investing can be a confusing and daunting exercise, but with a little coaching and some time, you can gain some clarity. If you have questions about investing, the Investment Essentials seminar offers a relaxed atmosphere to discuss many of the important topics that today’s investor needs to know. Some of the topics covered will include the different types of investments available, taxes the investments incur, fees you may be charged, as well as discussing why to invest and the risks involved. The seminar provides an interactive opportunity learn about investing and discover what financial tools may be right for you.

Financial Essentials: 4 steps to build and protect wealth

Do you want to protect your family’s financial well being now and into the future while growing your savings, but are unsure where to start? Have you been investing but feel you lack perspective? Today’s financial landscape can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. In this relaxed workshop you will learn that your financial life can be broken down into four components that will allow you to better understand and take control of your financial well being.

What is a Tax Free Savings Account?

Five years after the introduction of the TFSA, there are still many questions surrounding it. What can it be used for, what kind of investments can be put into it, are there limits to how much money it can hold? In this interactive session learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Canada’s youngest savings vehicle and if it can help you meet your investment objectives

The ABCs of RESPs: Saving for your children’s education

Today, saving for your child’s education is not as easy as 1-2-3. If you have questions about saving for post secondary schooling, this seminar will explain the benefits of Canada’s Registered Education Savings Plan. It will show how the program works and what types of investments are eligible. Alternatives to the RESP will also be discussed so you can make the right investment decision for you and your children.

The two phases of Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning consists of both accumulating wealth over your working career and distributing that wealth over your retirement. The two dangers of retirement planning are not saving enough to retire when you want to (or at all) and once retired, of outliving your savings. This workshop will explore strategies to help you financially prepare for retirement and offer suggestions to make your savings last for the rest of your life.

Estate Planning: because you can’t take it with you

There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. While there is no way to stop death, there are steps you can take to properly prepare your estate, ensuring that your legacy remains with your family and doesn’t go to the tax collector. This workshop will give information on how to put your estate in order to lessen your family’s burden and give you peace of mind.