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  • The Value of True Advice


    There has been some press lately centred on whether financial advisors provide true advice or are just sales people.  The truth is that some advisors are just sales people and don’t really provide true advice.  I recently received a phone…Continue Reading

  • Spring cleaning is for more than just closets


    Spring is in the air and you’re probably just itching to get into those closets and organize! But have you considered organizing your personal and financial information, too? When an emergency strikes, the last thing your family needs to be…Continue Reading

  • Retirement Planning Literacy


    This time of year, many people turn their thoughts toward saving for their retirements.  Putting some extra money into an RRSP feels good and can make the tax season a little more bearable.  RRSPs are great, but they do have…Continue Reading

  • Where are you & where do you want to go this year?


    “If we don’t make our own future, it will be made for us.” ― Mike Klepper January is typically the time of year that people make resolutions and attempt to change their lives.  And why not?  A new year is…Continue Reading

  • Reflections & thank you


    As 2016 comes to a close, and we look forward to spending time with our family, it is also a natural time to reflect on the past year.  At Lifetime Financial Services, we marked our 10th year as an independent…Continue Reading

  • Retirement Insecurity: Findings from a Mackenzie Investments poll


    The numbers quoted in this Financial Post article are uninspiring. If you find you are uncomfortable with your financial situation, do not be afraid to ask for help. Find an advisor that you are comfortable with and understand your situation….Continue Reading

  • Some modern retirement challenges


    When we give seminars on retirement planning, there are usually quite a few attendees who are surprised to realize that there is a real possibility that they may be retired for nearly as long as they plan to work. For…Continue Reading

  • Quick Federal Budget Summary 2016


    2016 Budget Overview The new Liberal government delivered its first federal budget on March 22 in Ottawa. While you’ve probably seen plenty of media coverage, we thought you would appreciate an overview of how some of the budget items relate…Continue Reading

  • Can you beat the market?


    Do you feel that you can time the market?  This game let’s you try without anything to lose (or gain).  It can be found on the Quartz website. This game will show you just how foolish it is to sell…Continue Reading

  • The year that was – 2015


    Here is an article presented by Fidelity Investments recapping the markets in Canada and other regions around the globe.  It looks like Canada’s TSX was the poorest performer among the G7 countries. It is important to remember in times like…Continue Reading