Have we learned anything in 111 years?

A lot of interesting stuff comes through my inbox everyday, aside from the client and business communications.  Most of this stuff can be swept aside and ignored.  There are times, however, when I can’t help but stop and take a closer look.  This blog article from BehaviouralInvestment.com is one such instance.  In it, a book on investing published in 1912 called Psychology of the Stock Market by George Charles Selden is examined.  The book talks about, you guessed it, the way investors acted in 1912 and the blog gives some examples of how investors still act today.  To compliment this, listen to Myles Zyblok and Jason Gibbs, portfolio managers at Dynamic Funds, discuss investor behaviour today in light of US bank failures and a possible recession.

Psychology of the Stock Market is definitely on my reading list.