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  • The difference between saving & investing


    After about 3 months of isolation we are all getting tired of reading about it so I thought it would be nice to return to basics and talk about the difference between saving and investing.  This article from Fidelity explains…Continue Reading

  • “Normal” in the after-time


    We’ve all been in isolation for a while now and are anxious to get out and return to normal.  But will that normal be the same normal as the before-time?  We are experiencing the biggest medical emergency since 1918.  Is…Continue Reading

  • How to calculate your investment growth


    Year end statements for 2019 are arriving, so I thought it would be a great time to share this short video from Edgepoint that explains the proper way to calculate your investment return.  It also goes over the difference between…Continue Reading

  • Evolving retirement


    There is no question that our concept of retirement is changing.  There are different expectations between generations and genders.  Even spouses may have different expectations.  Have a look at this article by Peter Wouters for some interesting statistics. Do you…Continue Reading

  • Why have an RRSP?


    Since we are in the middle of RRSP season, I thought I would list some of the great reasons to open a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to save for your retirement. Here are the top 6 reasons to open…Continue Reading

  • Investing: Volatility, emotions, and the odds


    After over 2 years of straight up growth, the markets have returned to more normal periods of volatility.  While these are a regular and expected part of market activity, it never feels good to experience them.  It is our feelings…Continue Reading

  • Fundamentals simplify investing


    Saving and investing can seem complicated and this often leads to a paralysis of action.  There is so much information, it can be hard to determine what is right for you.  Faced with too much to process, it is easier…Continue Reading

  • Give yourself an invoice


    Planning for your retirement can seem like an overwhelming task.  It is so far away and the amount of money needed to save appears like an insurmountable sum.  It is so much easier to focus on the here and now. …Continue Reading

  • Good news for people who love bad news


    After taking a holiday form blogging in the summer, I want to start up again with this 3rd quarter commentary from Geoff MacDonald, a portfolio Manager from Edgepoint Wealth Management. I know what you are thinking – “A 3rd quarter…Continue Reading

  • How to proactively stop stress from influencing your financial decisions


    The past few months I have written about the link between stress, health, and finances. I would like to continue the discussion by focusing on how stress can impact your financial decisions and discuss some strategies to help mitigate the…Continue Reading