What does your portfolio manager have to say?

This month I thought I would share this recent podcast from Tye Bousada, a portfolio manager and founding partner of Edgepoint Wealth Management. I know that the vast majority of investors do not really pay attention to how their investments are managed by the men & women whose job it is to make investment decisions on the investors’ behalf. I understand; life is busy and talking about investing can be boring at the best of times. I think, however, that many investors are missing an opportunity to better understand what they are investing their money in and how the investment is run. To that end, this podcast from Tye is approachable, as he talks about what he saw in the markets in 2020 and how they continue to respond to the COVID pandemic. He also gives some excellent advice for any investor.
I have invested with Tye and Edgepoint for a long time and I hope you take the time to listen. Of course, if you have any questions about Edgepoint or your own investment journey, please feel free to get in touch with me.


Not investing with the herd in 2020