Be prepared

I was a boy scout when I was younger.  The motto of the boy scouts, when I was a member at least, was “be prepared”.  In theory, it meant that no matter what happened, you would be ready for it.  We spent a lot of time learning how to tie knots, make fires, and build emergency shelters.  We had a manual that we referred to: the Boy Scout Handbook.  I remember my copy being well worn as I tried to work on my latest merit badge.

The Handbook was a great resource.  The problem with it, as I recall, was that it delt mainly with wilderness survival and did not really provide a lot of information about growing up in urban Canada.  Knowing how to start a fire didn’t really help me as I started high school.  Even as an adult there is no handbook to help us get through life and what we should do to prepare for it.

In a small attempt to provide a resource and help you prepare for some of the most impactful things that can happen to you, I present this link to Manulife’s Insurance Explained website.  It should answer many of the questions that you have about insurance; even the questions you didn’t know you had.  Nothing protects you and your family from the unwanted disasters of life like insurance even if it is as exciting as a bowline knot.  When you need it, it is priceless.  And you can think of me as your financial Scout Master.  My job is to help you to “be prepared”.


Manulife Insurance Explained