A solid foundation to your (Financial) life

Often overlooked, a healthy cash flow is the foundation of a healthy financial life.  I believe one of the major reasons why people don’t monitor their cash flow more closely is the time it takes.  While there are certainly more entertaining ways of spending one’s time, a few minutes a day or on the weekend can bring enormous benefits.  A healthy and well managed cash flow is the foundation of a person’s financial life.  It affects everything from non-discretionary spending on food & shelter, to the growth of discretionary spending and saving – things like Christmas gifts, vacations, life insurance to protect your family and saving for and living in your retirement.

An unmanaged cash flow also causes stress that can lead to family and health issues.

Here is an informative video from Peter Wouters of Empire Life that gives a few tips to recognize if you have an issue with debt or your cash flow:

If you are not sure how to manage your cash flow, don’t be afraid to or embarrassed about asking for professional help.  I can help you set up an easy to follow program to help you monitor and manage your cash flow.