Our Philosophy

Lifetime Financial Services

We are an independent, family owned financial consulting firm with close to 40 years experience working with a select group of individuals and families. Our independence means that we truly represent the clients we work with and not a bank or insurance company.

Many financial advisors will talk about financial planning. We prefer to provide life planning. What’s the difference?

We have found that people do not have financial goals; they instead have life goals – important events throughout the course of their lives and a way of life that they work towards every day. Life planning is a process that uses financial tools to achieve these goals and does not allow the investments and insurance to become the goals themselves.

We will help you put your finances into context by focusing on the important elements of your life, through our proven financial processes. Refined by experience, they are a systematic approach to financial issues that lay down a solid and adaptable plan that allows people to identify and realize their life goals.