Mental health and how to help

In the past I have written about the impact of finances on our mental health. Our financial situation can often make a mental health issue worse. This is not entirely surprising as many financial challenges can coincide with difficult personal situations and major changes in our lives, some of which may be traumatic. The death of a close family member or a divorce come to mind, but financial pressures can also be one of many issues that can cause a tipping point.

A financial advisor can help with many financial issues and help prepare for unexpected events that can improve a financial situation, and this can reduce stress. A financial advisor, however, is not equipped to provide help with mental health issues. That is why I am including a link to the Canadian Mental Health Association ( There are many great resources on the site that can provide insight and show how to get help. Here are some sobering facts from the CMHA website which shows that we cannot ignore mental health:
• In any given year 1 in 5 Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem.
• By age 40, 50% of Canadians will have had a mental illness.
• Almost half of the people who feel that they have suffered from depression do not seek help.
Remember that it is not just the individuals that are impacted, but family, friends, and coworkers as well.

To help in a small way, I am participating in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on May 23, 2021. In cooperation with Movember, the purpose of the ride is to raise awareness and funds for mental health and prostrate cancer. If you are able to donate, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Here is my link: You can also find more info about the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride here.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide. If you are suffering, there is help and you are not alone. If you want to discuss your financial issues, please do not be afraid to reach out.

Thanks. Be safe. Be healthy.