Lifetime Financial Services

Group Benefits and Group Retirement.

In today’s economy, businesses are faced with the challenge of remaining competitive. A key ongoing concern is
employee compensation, as it is directly linked to employee retention, which in turn is vital for a company’s success.

One way to provide a competitive compensation package for your employees is by implementing a group benefit plan and/or a group retirement plan. You will not only help lessen their health & financial worries, but also help your company become a more attractive employer. Benefits can also increase employee productivity.

Our Services include:

Group benefit services:

  • Comparative plan design analysis and advice.
  • Competitive marketplace proposals.
  • Complete renewal management including renewal pricing negotiations.
  • Health and dental cost containment strategies.
  • Complementary employee financial learning sessions

We have you covered By:

  • negotiating and leveraging directly with our selected Group Carriers partners.
  • providing solutions for your employee group benefit needs.
  • ensuring we match your needs with best career fit.
  • doing the ‘heavy lifting’ so so you focus on your core business.

Value to the employer:

  • Premiums paid by the Employer are tax deductible as a business expense.
  • Cost effective protection for employees and their families.
  • Establishes a company policy on health and sickness.
  • Flexible offering meets client’s needs and pocketbook.
  • Benefits foster a healthy workforce and consequently improve employee morale, productivity and efficiency.
  • Adding a Benefits plan helps the Employer to retain and attract good employees.

Value to the employee:

  • Employer pays part or all the cost.
  • Adds financial security for the employee’s family.
  • Some group life and disability contracts allow conversion to individual/personal contracts without medical evidence.
  • No need to use after-tax money to purchase various types of insurance policies.
  • Usually doesn’t require medical evidence.
  • Insurance is less expensive to obtain through a group plan than in the individual insurance market.
  • Access to products that might not be available individually

Financial Wellness Workshops

Available to all Group Benefit and Group Retirement plans or as a standalone service.

Employees have financial worries, and they bring those worries to work with them which, in turn reduces their productivity and focus.  According to the Manulife 2020 Financial Stress Survey, 93% of employees polled feel that employers should offer a financial wellness program.

Our financial wellness program focuses on:

  • Assessing financial wellness
  • Cash flow, budgets, and debt
  • Balancing financial priorities
  • Setting financial goals
  • Retirement readiness

If you are interested in starting a group plan, want to reassess your current plan, and want to help your employees be better prepared financially, reach out and ask for a consultation.